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“REHHD stands for quality. We pride ourselves on supplying the absolute best products for our customers.”

Our Mission

Our desire to supply cutting-edge, energy saving heating systems, stems from our deep rooted renewable energy backgrounds. The directors have worked in the renewable energy industry for many years and feel the two are inherently linked.

Our aim is to provide solutions to problems: our modern heating technology solves many of the heating issues many homes and businesses across the United Kingdom are afflicted with on a daily basis.

With energy bills set to rise up to 50% over the next 3-5 years, energy poverty is something that needs to be addressed immediately. For business owners, energy usage is fast becoming a major concern that directly affects their bottom line.

Our heating systems are a long term solution, that can minimise the negative impacts of energy inflation and provide real world, cost-effective solutions to property heating.

With an extremely short ROI our heaters require no maintenance and will save upto 50% on your heating costs over the time they are installed.

With our advanced production techniques, cost-effective supply chain and streamlined infrastructure, we are a leading force in the Infrared heating industry, backed by some of the most trusted and respected brands in the world.

In an industry where quality and reliability is crucial to the product’s success, REHHD constantly seeks to apply the highest level of standards. We are confidant in the quality of the finished product.

REHHD strives to exceed current standards. Customer expectations and industry specifications are met to assure customer satisfaction and product dependability. REHHD’s stringent quality control guarantees consistent parameters.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing (LM) is an important part of REHHD operations. By following principles of LM, we are able to operate at a faster, more efficient capacity which results in cost savings for our clients and ensures our products still maintain high levels of quality.

We apply the following principals to our LM processes:

  • Continuous Improvement Program
  • Quality at the source initiative
  • 5S system
  • Provide yield/quality reports
  • Plant layout material flow
  • Eliminate non-value added waste
  • Visual workplace

Process Controls

In order to sustain quality, REHHD utilises multiple process controls. These controls assure that a quality product is being produced at all stages of the production cycle.

  • In-process data collection system
  • Weekly quality review meetings with use of SPC carts and defect data
  • Receiving inspection – verify incoming product meets customer and/or manufacturer specifications
  • ESD controls, internal and external audits
  • Final electrical test (HIPOT/etc.) to verify components and/or assembly function as designed
  • Internal and external corrective and preventative action system
  • Non-conforming material review (MRB)

Pre-production Quality and Process Controls

  • New Product Introduction (NPI)/Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review process
  • PCB penalisation optimisation for process quality results
  • Custom tooling for selective wave
  • Quality assurance strategy by standard and automated inspection and test
  • Manufacturing readiness review

REHHD Factory
REHHD Office

Always an outstanding service from the REHHD team. I have worked with them on a few projects now and they are always flexible so I can win the contracts.

From start to finish the REHHD team really went the extra mile. My house had no heating except a small electric heater I moved from room to room. Now I have a fantastic Infrared setup, the house is now perfectly warm and I couldn’t be happier!

Ordered a full infrared heating system for my business, excellent products and really working well. The Aspect range I got has shown a real saving on my energy bills! Thanks.

Mischa Gangta