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REHHD Burda Range

The Burda Range

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What Makes Burda Special?

Burda is a superb, high quality and respected German brand They provide some of the best quality infrared heaters on the market. The panel surfaces are smooth, and many of them can be mounted on your wall, or even your ceiling. We offer attractive prices for a brand that is renowned for their unrivalled levels of quality.

One of the things that Burda strive for is providing you with consistent and comfortable levels of warmth throughout your home or target area. So whichever room or outdoor space you place the heater in, the heat will be evenly dispersed. Plus, every heater is made to blend seamlessly with your home. Here are some of the great heaters that Burda have to offer:

  • Glass infrared panels with images
  • Glass infrared panels
  • Mirror infrared panels
  • Infrared desk heater
  • Power heaters

For our Burda Range, the warranty is 5 years, and both offer the same 20+ year operating life expectancy (the heating elements in the Near Infrared patio heaters are 1 year, with warranty on each unit 2 years). As with all of our warranties, they can only be extended to the original buyer of the item. Warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to, damage caused to the item due to improper use. Damage caused to items due to the customer attempting installation themselves and incorrectly, as well as products that were improperly shipped or packaged.

You can also take a look at our Aspect and Evolution ranges.

Safety features

Each of our products goes through careful safety checks before they are sold. Each panel we produce has passed every safety check required for it to be suitable for sale. The production process itself is inspected under ISO and GS, and as a result, we guarantee superb quality.

Each panel is fitted with built-in safety sensors which prevent it from overheating when in use, and they are protected by panels on each side. The panel itself is a fully guaranteed conductor and offers you heat as well as safety. Each panel is splash proof as well as dust proof.

Why Burda? Why from Us?

Burda is a fantastic, German based, company that pride themselves on creating the best possible products for you. They centre themselves around intelligent designs and solutions to your heating needs, with infrared heaters that blend perfectly with your home or business.

When you purchase Burda from us, you are getting the best possible price as a UK customer. (if you can find it cheaper we’ll beat the price). We work closely with Burda to provide you with pricing that is so good, you couldn’t get it cheaper if you went directly to them from the UK. We take pride in maintaining good relationships with our suppliers, so when you buy Burda from us, you are still getting the fantastic quality and reliability that you would expect.

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