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REHHD Evolution Range

Our Evolution Range

Our Evolution Range is slightly higher in price than our Aspect Range, but that doesn’t mean the quality is any more or less. Our Evolution Range is a little smaller, but there is a slight difference in sizing which means there are panels to suit all sizes and shapes of rooms. Evolution also contains a specific ceiling mounted glass panel as well as wall mounted, aluminium panels and towel rails. These infrared heaters are superb quality, powerful and deliver excellent levels of heat for your home.

We manufacturer our Evolution Range in various plants across europe and Asia, the heaters are designed in Austria and developed in Germany and meet all the European and North American safety standards.

Made to offer you a better level of warmth in your home, and one that keeps each room at a consistent temperature, we offer an excellent selection of infrared heaters. Here are some of the types on offer in our Evolution Range:

  • Standard line infrared panels
  • Glass infrared panels (ceiling and wall mounted)
  • Infrared towel rails


For our Evolution Range, the warranty is 5 years, and both offer the same 20+ year operating life expectancy. As with all of our warranties, they can only be extended to the original buyer of the item. Warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to, damage caused to the item due to improper use. Damage caused to items due to the customer attempting installation themselves and incorrectly.

Safety features

Each of our products goes through careful safety checks before they are sold. Each panel we produce has passed every safety check required for it to be suitable for sale. The production process itself is inspected under ISO and GS, and as a result, we guarantee superb quality.

Each panel is fitted with built-in safety sensors which prevent it from overheating when in use, and they are protected by panels on each side. The panel itself is a fully guaranteed conductor and offers you heat as well as safety. Each panel is splash proof as well as dust proof.


ERP Rating: A+

Energy A

Energy A+

ISO and GS safety approved.


CE: The CE mark states that our Aspect Range products meet the requirements of the applicable EC directives. All our infrared panels comply with the ‘Low Voltage Directive’ and the ‘EMC Directive’.

Inside REHHD: All of the panels that bear this name are guaranteed to possess the highly efficient heating element that provides outstanding quality and power.

TUV GS Compliant: The TUV SUV mark states that our Aspect Range products meet the requirements of the applicable directives for German and European safety.

Developed in Austria: The elements used for creating the heating systems used in our panels were designed and developed by Austrian technicians and laboratories. As a result, all of the technology used is state of the art and will provide outstanding levels of performance.

cTUVus: This shows that the panels we produce are compliant with US and Canadian regulations for safety and electronics, and are therefore approved for use and sale in these countries.

SEIBERSDORF LABORATORIES: This is where the heating elements used are tested on a regular basis in order to further develop and improve its efficiency. By teaming up with this laboratory, we are constantly searching for new ways to increase the levels of efficiency that our panels provide.