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Glass Panel Heaters

glass panel infrared heater

What are REHHD Glass Panel Infrared Heaters?

We supply our Aspect and Evolution range of designer glass panels which will keep your home heated whilst enhancing its aesthetics. Our range of designer glass heaters are stylish, and can be placed anywhere in the home without them looking out of place. After all, we understand that historically it can prove off-putting to have chunky heaters, such as storage heaters mounted on your walls.

The glass panels we provide are frameless, giving them a chic and modern style that will sit beautifully in your home. They come in different sizes depending upon the range (which will be listed below), as we want to make sure that there is a panel to fit in and heat any size room. They also come in two colours – traditional black and white. However, there is also the option to have them come with a printed image that will liven up your home. That way, it looks like a painting on the wall as opposed to a heater.

Glass is one of the best ways for infrared heating to be emitted, and it will be done so at a fraction of the price you would normally pay for your home to be heated through conventional methods. It even takes up less energy than it normally would to heat your home, no matter the size of the room in question. It’s all thanks to this smart technology and its A+ efficiency rating.

Sizing chart Aspect:

Sizing chart Evolution:


Where Can You Put Your Glass Panel Infrared Heaters?

It has already been mentioned that you can place them on the wall, and this tends to be the most common place for people to choose. If you choose to select a panel with a printed image, it can sit quite nicely on your wall as both a heater and conversational piece of artwork.

You can also place them in your bathroom and have towel racks attached to them, making them multifunctional and space saving. Not only will it keep the wall warm, but it can also help to increase the drying time for towels that are hung on it.

There is also the option to have the mounted safely on the ceiling, using a number of pegs and strong rope or chain. This is more commonly used in homes and businesses with high ceilings and if you have the height, it can make your room look quite stunning.

You can also purchase stands for your heating panel to be placed in, allowing it to become mobile and move from room to room. This can be quite handy for smaller homes and is worth considering as a viable option if you only purchase one panel.

Thermoglass transparent Infrared Heaters

We also supply a glass infrared heater that is completely transparent. These revolutionary transparent thermoglass heaters are totally clear, making them practically invisible once they are mounted. This range is perfect if you don’t want something too obvious. However, with these panels it is important to note that they must be mounted high on your walls or the ceiling, like power heaters.

Unlike standard glass infrared heaters, these cannot be placed low down or on a stand. This is because the panels get incredibly hot, and so to prevent accidental burns, placing it high up means that it is out of reach. These flat panels are a wonderful addition to the range and can really complement your home.


ThermoGlass Heater

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