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Mirror Infrared Heaters

REHHD Bathroom Infrared Mirror Heaters in situ

What Are REHHD  Infrared Mirror Heaters?

All our mirror infrared heaters are provided without a frame, making them lighter but also ensuring they look fantastic in your home. They come in a variety of sizes, depending on the type of mirror panel you order. You can take a better look at the sizes using the tables at the end of this page. You have a choice of rectangular or round mirrors, either of which will look great above your bathroom sink.

We supply both an Evolution and Aspect range of mirror infrared heaters, all of which are stylish in design and sure to keep your home heated without altering the aesthetics in any way. They can be used anywhere in the home without looking out of place, and making them a perfect addition to your bathroom. After all, having something with multiple functions tends to save a lot of space.

All of the mirror infrared heaters in the Aspect range come with an option of a backlit effect in a warm white. They are perfect for any room or hall, and one of the best ways for heat to be produced, especially as it is at a fraction of the price you would normally pay for heating in your home.

Our Infrared mirror heaters also consume far less energy than conventional methods of heating, regardless of the size of the room you are using it in. It’s all thanks to our advanced technology and its A+ efficiency rating. You’ll be hard pressed to find mirror infrared heaters that are as efficient (and well-designed) as ours.

Sizing chart:

Aspect Range: Frameless Mirror Panel


Aspect Range: Premier Mirror Range with Backlight

Evolution Range: Frameless Mirror Panels


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