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Plinth Infrared Heaters

REHHD kitchen pliith infrared heater

What are REHHD Plinth Infrared heaters?

We supply an excellent plinth infrared heater from our Aspect range. Not everyone wants to have a panel mounted on their wall, ceiling, or standing on their floor. They may find them unattractive, or perhaps they don’t have the space for them in their home. We understand why you might feel that way, and this is why we have designed and created the plinth heater.

Our plinth infrared heaters have been designed to fit under any standard kitchen unit, making them discreet and practically invisible to anyone in your home. They can be chained together so that they follow your whole kitchen cabinet to create an effective heating system for your kitchen area. They can be used in other rooms as well; it is possible to replace your skirting boards with them.

Our plinth infrared heaters can also be coupled with underfloor infrared heating for a more effective experience. In fact, coupling them with any form of infrared panel will work superbly for a warm home. As a standard colour, they come in matt black.

There are no plinth heaters on the market that are quite like ours. We offer a stylish and discreet design alongside an excellent power boost. Plus, the fact that they can be chained together makes things so much easier if you want to generate a little more heat.

These heaters are primarily designed to warm kitchen floors, so they feel like they have underfloor heating at a fraction of the cost.

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Kitchen Plinth Infrared Heaters


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