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Power Infrared Heaters


What Are REHHD Power Infrared Heaters?


We have a fantastic range of outdoor infrared heaters. They have a sleek and modern appearance, so they will complement any outdoor or draughty space such as patios, barns, churches and shelters.

These infrared heaters have been used in a number of locations, from residential homes, to businesses, pubs and churches. They produce a form of direct heat, keeping you warm when you are spending some time outside.

They are ideal for large spaces as well, regardless of whether they are outdoors or indoors, and they are not difficult to install or run. Due to that fact that they heat people and objects as opposed to the air, you will find yourself much warmer, and there won’t be any escaped heat either. This makes our outdoor infrared heaters better than any on the market, as they can heat larger spaces and are incredibly cost effective.

Below, is some further information with regards to which form of infrared you should use inside, and which is best suited for outdoor use.


Infrared Power Heater Uses

Indoor Heating:

If you are planning on using power infrared heaters indoors, then it is wise to use far infrared for this particular setting. They are ideal for large, wide, spaces as you can mount them on the ceiling or high up on the walls so the warmth they generate is spread as far as possible.

The other advantage to using far infrared indoors is that fact that it is much cheaper to run, and so will save on your energy bills. This is particularly handy for businesses, factories and warehouses, as well as homeowners with high ceilings who are looking for an affordable and green alternative.

Outdoor Heating:

There are two types of power heaters in our ranges: Far Infrared and Near Infrared: 

We offer both types to suit your preferences for style, design and range. For more information on how they work and the differences, see our Infrared information pages.

Far Infrared

This is the same heating technology used in all our indoor Infrared heaters. We offer these in our Aspect and Burda range. Our Aspect range power heaters come with a 10 year warranty and a 20 year life expectancy. Our Burda range of Far Infrared power heaters has a 5 year warranty. Outdoor heating is becoming very popular and Infrared heating works very well in these situations – sometimes it is a necessity. As infrared heats objects, instead of the air, you will find yourself quite toasty when you sit near one of our outdoor heaters – without the discomfort of hot heads and cold feet, traditionally associated with outdoor space heaters.

Near Infrared

You may recognise near infrared heaters by the red glow the emit, and they are used outside far more often than inside. These heat up fast and cover limited seating space on the ground so often more are required to heat the space being used. They are suitable for short periods of use, as in outdoor seating areas. They also need replacing more often. Our Burda range offers near infrared heaters which come with a 1 year warranty for the element and a 2 year warranty for the patio heater.


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