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ThermoGlass Radiant Heaters

What are REHHD Thermoglass Radiant Heaters?

Our NEW range of ThermoGlass flat panel heaters are perfectly clear, making them practically invisible once they are mounted. These heaters made for REHHD by Pion are perfect if you don’t want something too obvious. These panels are extremely powerful and can kick our a lot of heat for their small and inconspicuous size, so it is important to note that they must be mounted high on your walls to prevent building occupants touching them.

Manufactured in Russia and tested in Siberian winter conditions these tough, safe and powerful designer heaters are unique and highly desirable additions to any home or business.

Unlike standard glass infrared heaters, these cannot be placed low down or on a stand. This is because the panels get incredibly hot, and so to prevent accidental burns, placing them high up means that they are out of reach. These flat panels are a wonderful addition to the range and can really complement your home.

These heaters use a special coating on tempered safety glass so that when electrical current passes through it, it heats up and emits far infrared heat that warms your home. Clear thermoglass panels are perfect for high rooms, bathrooms and lofty spaces where really powerful heat is required yet aesthetics is important.


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