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What is Near Infrared Heat?

What is Near Infrared Heat?

Near infrared is the one that everyone can recognise immediately. Most of the heaters that incorporate this form of infrared technology will have a faint red glow. This is because it is able to emit heat at temperatures that exceed 1200 degrees Celsius. Near infrared heating also goes by the following names:

  • IRA
  • Shortwave
  • Bright infrared heating

REHHD Optimum IR Spectrum For Near And Far IR Heating

REHHD Optimum IR Spectrum For Near and Far IR Heating

But what is near infrared heating, and how does it work?

It operates between 0.75 and 1.4 microns, and the emitters tend to be made from Quartz. They also have a reflector, allowing the heat to be concentrated in a specific direction. On the other hand, you can also purchase infrared heaters that are powered by gas. These use a venturi gas burner to burn propane or natural gas. Following this, a steel tube is heated until it starts to glow red, producing what we know as near infrared heating.

The high temperatures that are emitted by near infrared heaters actually make them quite useful for a range of tasks. Some of these include cooking and welding, as well as a number of other applications that require high levels of heat in order to fully function. However, near infrared heating is not suitable for what are known as comfort heating applications – so in places such as your home.

The reason for this is that the heat that is produced by near infrared heaters cannot be effectively absorbed by human skin. Additionally, our skin has actually evolved over time to reflect a large amount of near infrared heat to protect ourselves. As a result, the body does not end up being warmed by it.

Instead, near infrared heaters are best suited to, and more effective in, large commercial areas. This is because they will not be at risk of being touched by people throughout the day, and they will also not cause long term exposure to any skin. The reason that this is important is that long-term exposure can cause damage to the skin. When they are used correctly in commercial locations, they are incredibly effective at producing regular levels of heat, keeping the building warm for those who are working inside.

If you are looking for infrared heating that can be placed closer to the body and works to heat the home comfortably, then you should be looking into far infrared heating.