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Honeywell EvoHome Mobile Access Kit

Honeywell Mob Access Kit

Honeywell EvoHome Mobile Access Kit

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To enable the evohome system to be controlled remotely by either a wifi-enabled tablet or smartphone, a remote access gateway needs to be connected to the internet network within the property.

LED lights are provided on the gateway for feedback during binding and operation. This is achieved by connecting the supplied ethernet cable into the remote access gateway and a spare ethernet port on the home broadband router.

The remote access gateway is powered by a supplied 13 amp power supply and there is one button binding of the gateway to the evohome system via the evohome controller.

Once bound, the homeowner is then able to visit the total connect website to register their evohome system, uniquely identify their evohome remote access gateway (MAC ID & CRC code) and receive instructions on how to download the smartphone or tablet app that suits their Apple or Android system.


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