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Thermal Glass TG Triplex Double Glazing 2TXH (Heated Inner, Heated Outer)

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Thermal Glass TG Triplex Double Glazing 2TXH (Heated Inner, Heated Outer)

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TG® Radiant Active electrically heated glass

The unique perfectly transparent Nano-System heated glass is the future trend in heating.

TG Triplex Double Pane 2TXH


This Double Pane, Double Sided Radiant Heated Glass is heated both sides for internal walls or special applications where heat and ultra toughened triplex glass is required on both sides. The outer side has [4MM of Tempered Glass bonded with 3mm of tempered glass bonded with 4mm of heated tempered insulating glass]. The 2nd pane has [4mm of tempered glass bonded with 3mm of tempered glass bonded with 4 mm of insulated tempered heated glass].

TG® Radiant Active electrically heated glass is insulating glass able to emit radiant heat up to 80° C. They represent a new dimension of solutions for the heating of modern buildings. They provide maximum thermal and visual comfort, prevent condensation and remove snow or ice.

An absolutely transparent conductive layer is applied on the surface of the glass with unique innovative technology which acts as a heating element. Visually, our glass is no different from conventional glass but its properties offer unique advantages that you cannot find with other glass.

Maximum thermal comfort

Using high-performance TG® Radiant Active heated glass you can afford bigger windows and still achieve the feeling of a similar thermal comfort of old tiled stoves or slightly blazing fire in a fireplace.

The surface temperature of TG® Radiant Active glass can be changed instantly according to your current needs in the range of 25-80 °C. By using TG® Radiant Active heated glass you will never be cold again when close to your windows even when it’s freezing outside so you can completely undisturbed enjoy the view of the winter landscape.

Exclusive visual comfort

Thanks to highly efficient and completely transparent TG® Radiant Active glass you can buy large windows and enjoy more natural light and a closer contact with nature. When using conventional glazing it is necessary to place the heating elements below the windows or in their close proximity. Conventional radiators often bring various restrictions and complications which can be due to the very appearance of the radiators, glass misting or dust between the ribs of floor radiators.

Using TG® Radiant Active heated glass, radiators and misting just disappear and you can enjoy a more visual comfort and space.

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