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Thermal Nano Glass Transparent Infrared Heater

REHHD Infrared ThermoGlass Panel Heater

Thermal Nano Glass Transparent Infrared Heater

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This cutting edge heating technology is based on infrared heat transfer using carbon nanofibers and features in an elegant near transparent design, so they can blend into any surrounding virtually unnoticed. These heaters are assembled in Russia and tested in Siberian winter conditions. These elegant futuristic heaters are the ultimate in home heating and really pack a punch.

Thermo Glass – layered heating glass with carbon nanofibers 
  1. Heavy duty tempered glass
  2. “Thermo Glass Infra-red ceramic” layer
  3. “Thermo Glass Nano Energy” heating layer
  4. Air layer for insulation
  5. Layer reflecting infrared radiation
  6. Heavy duty tempered glass
  7. Protective layer that reinforces the reflection of infrared radiation

Long-wave infrared radiation is currently the most efficient way of transforming electricity to heat. This thermal radiation is capable of heating objects more easily than heat produced by a gas heater or classical electric heating. Up to 80% of radiation is absorbed by objects in the room. The unique heating layer “Thermo Glass Nano Energy” made up of carbon nanofibers heats up as electric current passes through it creating together with the transparent “Thermo Glass Infra-red Ceramic” layer the long-wave infrared radiation.

The infrared heating principle as such is not new. What is truly innovative is the coupling of several unique features into the REHHD panel:

Ideal wavelength 2–13 micrometers

This wavelength interval is based on the biological nature of mankind and our perception of heat. We ourselves radiate infrared radiation of exactly this wavelength. We have also known the same heat radiation wavelength interval for centuries from heating by tile stoves or even earlier by clay stoves.

Minimum weight

Thanks to its unique lightweight structure and the modern technologies used the most powerful PION ThermoGlass panel with the output of 1400 W weighs only 5 kg (to compare with up to 30 kg panels from our competitors).

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Heated Area (m²)

15, 20, 6, 9





IP coverage


Power (w)

1100, 1400, 440, 660

Product Code



Thermal nano glass



Dimensions (mm)

835 X 117 X 23, 835 X 157 X 23, 835 X 268 X 23, 835 X 307 X 23

Weight (kg)

2.2, 2.7, 4.0, 5.0


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